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Indestructible Unibrow

Joseph C. Krause
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This journal contains original videos, photos, drawings, scans and recordings as well as some documentation of the Detroit area and its architecture. The original stuff that's not specifically about Detroit usually involves a rotating cast of local collaborative creative-types including Zelda and the Unibrows, a long-standing recording project between Paul Szewczyk and myself. A lot of stuff in this journal began as school projects, but I'm lately done with school, so let's see what happens now. There's also plenty of the usual personal LJ-stuff in here, but that tends to be friends-only.

"Derp-dee-doo" is an expression of incompetence or stupidity and occasionally misfortune. "Whoops, I just tore off the wrong portion of my electric bill and mailed it in! Derp-dee-doo!" or "I just killed my father, married my mother, and gouged out my eyes. Derp-dee-doo!"

All original content in this journal copyrighted on its posting date by Joseph C. Krause. Please don't take it and stuff.

Email is an unreliable way to contact me.