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Mon, Jan. 11th, 2010, 08:33 pm
New address

My new address.

Fri, Dec. 25th, 2009, 03:43 am
Moving and December

OK, I didn't abandon Livejournal. But that other blog I started will have more posts, so subscribe to it and stuff.

Things are stressful and exciting right now. In a few days Matt and I will be renting a truck to move out of my apartment and his dad's house and into the still-in-progress house on Bagley. Paul has been, as they say, busting his ass to get it in shape. I've been helping when I can and a sizable cast of others drops in to help as well. The rooms are starting to look like rooms, and Paul hasn't snapped and jumped off the Greektown Casino Parking Garage yet despite putting all of his Earthly resources into a dusty 114-year-old house.

I've been sharing space at The Russell for two months now. My feelings are mixed on the experience there so far, but I still feel the stuff I don't like is solvable and want to stay. I won't even gossip about the specifics in my Livejournal, I'm so diplomatic!

Psilodump, whom Matt and I met in Berlin this Spring, played at New York's Blip Fest last week and I really wanted to go, but fate was against it. I guess seeing an internet friend who lives on another continent once in a year is already pretty good, anyhow. Instead, I went with Matt to Traverse City where we spent time with his mom and stepdad Rick. His stepdad is a former New Yorker, so it was like going to New York. We went to the renovated State Theatre for a screening of "White Christmas" complete with live organ sing-a-long prelude. Michael Moore, or as Rick says, "That Fat Michael Moore" was spotted in attendance.

My camera broke. Then Matt's camera broke. I thought maybe, since I don't own a video camera, that I could get me a slightly nicer digital camera and use its video function as my video camera. I've heard some point-and-shoots capture HD these days, and the lenses on those things seem generally better than the defaul lenses on camcorders (The Zelda and the Unibrows video "Swamp Pt. 2" was shot with the 15fps, 30-seconds-maximum video function of a Canon point-and-shoot). After I asked some people more up on the gear, all three of them recommended a digital camera that costs about $3000. Maybe I'll just buy a $100-200 one and then become better friends with them when it's time to shoot the next movie.

I love a lot of people in my life, but I am getting exhausted from running around and seeing them one and two at a time. American culture can be really stupidly atomized sometimes. Tomorrow I go to three more places to see parts of my family. I'm ready for this to be done with so I can get back to business!

Time is moving too quickly. I need to learn to meditate until I'm in a child-like state where an hour seems like a long time so that I won't grow old.

Sun, Nov. 29th, 2009, 10:35 pm
Running out 2009

It's the last month in my apartment on Wabash Street, tomorrow I put in my 30-day notice. I helped Paul this weekend (a very tiny bit due to my sleep habits) on the Bagley house and it still needs a lot of work before it's ready, however it is looking more and more like a house. There are now individual rooms and the bathroom will soon be functional, followed by the kitchen. It's getting exciting.

In the coming year I want to make Zelda and the Unibrows a lot more active and at the same time do work with Diane, Jerry, Allan, Chris Holt and Jesse Barnes. Each of these people does something slightly different in media, but it's all stuff that is similar to things I do in my spare time and more than half of it is stuff from which it's possible to draw a paycheck. I want to reinforce the work of everybody else, with the benefit to me being increased skill in the stuff I'm already decent at (and also money, hopefully). Let's make a creative business collective.

The house is starting to look like it will also have collaborative aspects. Although I'm technically the only vegetarian of the five, it seems both Matt and Jason Johnson plan to be veggie at home and possibly outside of home. Not sure what Allan and Jerry's stances are on meatlessness, but the vibe is very good for things to go smoothly. 4/5 of us either currently or will soon lift weights regularly so it seems that the food theme will be vegan high protein. I suspect there will be lots of chili. I really look forward to this kitchen, because a group of people with similar diets will make it much easier for us all to eat properly. I hope it results in me wanting to update my secret bodybuilding profile sometime in the next year. Maybe I can get some of the numbers high enough that I won't just leave the field blank.

I am upset with my family. Not with anybody in particular, just with the whole family. On Thanksgiving, I ate at mom's house with common-law stepfather Dave and their friend Dan. Everybody in my family has Thanksgiving on their own because so many people like isolation or dislike other people in the family. Although I like mom, the whole situation sucks a lot. Back when my family used to get together it was a few individuals bringing them together, who are now deceased -- my grandmother on my mom's side, and my Great Aunt Helen and Great Uncle Paul near Pittsburgh. I was considering whether I would be able to bring back some sense of family connectivity by having get-togethers once or twice a year at Bagley house, but half of my family refuses to set foot in Detroit, and some of them won't even drive through it on the interstate.

Matt stopped by later that evening and I went home with him and saw some of his family, too. Saturday I attended a vegan Thanksgiving hosted by Melanie that was wonderful. We played paper telephone, causing two tragedies in one day (Yvonne inside-joke).

"Happy Tape" and "The Inconceivable Excursions of Captain Spacerocket in the 24th Century" are now both available in download stores. These are rereleases of the content from the 2003 "Greens" album. They each have new cover art and a couple of bonus tracks, but are otherwise the same. I did this because there are faulty burns of "Greens" CDs and because the digital version doesn't relate to the content of the release due to a lack of liner notes. There won't be a lot of promotion for these two since they're old, but I'm hoping they will be "new to you" to some people. Alongt with "Silent Night", this makes three new releases in download stores this month.

I hope to put together a "decade in review" in December.

Wed, Nov. 25th, 2009, 03:26 am
Blog slog

In addition to the previous-post's new Zelda and the Unibrows track, my hosting company just moved me to a new server, which apparently means deleting six years worth of content and directing me to an unhelpful Wiki when I write to tech support to ask where the fuck my shit went that I pay them $20 per month to make sure doesn't go away.

This means a few things. This Livejournal is now missing most of its media files, and the Zelda and the Unibrows website is gone. But it's not all bad, because I was about to start a new blog for music anyhow. At the same time, while I don't intend to discontinute Livejournal, posts may become infrequent. Or there may be cross-posts. Or maybe it WILL end and the six years here will sit, entombed by time. Or it will continue as normal.

So here's the link to the new embryonic blog-in-progress/Unibrows website: www.unibrows.com.

Wed, Nov. 25th, 2009, 01:13 am
Zelda and the Unibrows' "Silent Night"

Silent Night by Zelda and the Unibrows

Here's a new single from Zelda and the Unibrows! It's a collaboration between myself and Chris "I Eat People's Faces" Holt. The cover photo is *not retouched or desaturated*. That's the real color of Michigan when it snows. Can you tell where this is?

It is now showing up in download stores such as Amie Street (a store in which prices start cheap and increase as more people buy them. Now's your chance to get our "Unreason" album for $1.35) and Lala (which allows one free play of any track in its entirety):

Sat, Oct. 24th, 2009, 12:23 pm
Corktown Autumn

The Autumn colors in Corktown this Fall are so vivid that I scarcely can believe they are real. Going on a walk at the end of the day yesterday felt like what I imagine it must be like to take certain recreational drugs that I have never tried. The many-colored homes set them off further. Today's photos.

Thu, Oct. 22nd, 2009, 06:17 pm
Birthday, Trixie's, Mizzy

Saturday the 24th I turn twenty-nine years old!

I'm not having a party or anything, but growing up I would often have people carve pumpkins at my birthday parties. Turns out, the children's bookstore in Corktown is having an adults-and-children pumpkin carving event on Saturday at 5PM and then a costume parade for kids on Sunday. So if you want to celebrate the last year that I will be 20-something with me, show up at Ladel's Children's Book Boutique, 1413 Brooklyn, at 5PM. They say that pumpkins and carving implements will be supplied.

After that, I'll be heading over to the first show of Dale, Cale, Mike and Jason's band WHEATPASTE at the Trumbullplex. That's at 8PM.

Here's Paul and I displaying our pumpkins at my birthday party. This was maybe 1989. You know, twenty years ago.

Trixie's Cafe is closing after about eight years in business. This Sunday's poetry and open mic night is to be their last day. It'll start around six and go through until dawn. I will miss the place very, very much. It has been a big part of my life and there will be no replacing it.

Here's Jesse Barnes, Yvonne Szymczak and I on stage there in 2002 or 2003. I had short hair.

Composer Vic Mizzy has died at 93. He's most well-known for writing the music to the Addams Family TV show. I recommend listening to the score of the whole show (if you can find it, it's out of print) each character has their own theme and they're all really catchy. I wrote a fan-email to him years ago, but he never responded. I guess I can stop holding my breath now.

EDIT: What the hell. Here's the theme for Gomez.

Tue, Oct. 20th, 2009, 01:59 pm
Russell vidoe

Jerry made a video about the new space at The Russell we are to share.

Why Don't We Rent This? New Office Space At The Russell from Jerry Paffendorf on Vimeo.

Sat, Oct. 17th, 2009, 05:09 am
Murray Body Co.

Add to the excitement of moving to Bagley House the excitement of moving a studio/workspace into one of the former Murray Body Co. buildings, otherwise known as The Russell Industrial Center.

Jerry and I had our eye on one of the most interesting spaces I've seen in the complex, but when Gene put in his 30 days notice, someone else swooped in and put down a deposit within an hour, nabbing it from us! Meanwhile, Gene had second thoughts about leaving and tried to get back into his lease, but was unable to. We were resigned to defeat. But then yesterday morning, the people who had nabbed the space decided they liked another space more. Thanks to the fickle!

The space will be used for a weekend music school, a clothing/sewing workshop, a video and recording studio, and home base for Jerry's Loveland project. The cost for sharing the Bagley House and sharing a Russell space compared to my apartment would be the same as if I continued to live here but hooked up cable TV and internet. But instead of a one-bedroom apartment, there will be a big 19th century house and 2000 square feet of auto factory space.

Detroit is amazing!

Here are people striking at Murray Body Co., year unknown.

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